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At Wander, we’re a little (okay, a lot) obsessed with doing good. Not only do we strive to produce the best content possible for our do-gooder clients, but we’re constantly being inspired by organizations that work to improve the world — and the people who help them do it. In the interest of sharing the do-gooder spirit with our readers, we’ve gathered some of the best articles we’ve been perusing lately. Here are our top reads in do-good this week:

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ONE: The Brilliant Way These Nigerian Schools are Helping Students Overcome Illiteracy

What it is: In the elementary schools of Northern Nigeria, resources are limited, teachers receive little training, and illiteracy is common among students. However, the Reading and Numeracy Activity (RANA), a project funded by UNICEF, is working with these schools to revolutionize the education system. The project is making a difference by training educators, providing resources like textbooks and teaching students how to read Hausa, the language spoken in Northern Nigeria.

Why we love it: Not only is RANA making improvements to education in Northern Nigeria, but it is also reforming the entire system to create a strong foundation for the future. The program emphasizes connecting with the local community and engaging families in the educational process. At Wander, we understand the importance of building community around a cause, so we applaud RANA’s efforts to bring everyone into the action.

NonProfit PRO: How to Tell Strategic Nonprofit Stories that Raise Money

What it is: NonProfit PRO makes a case for storytelling in nonprofit marketing and fundraising: “It’s human nature to want to be drawn into a good yarn. It’s also human nature to want to dispute data and statistics we hear. We’re a suspicious species.” The article presents the four main components of nonprofit storytelling that persuades donors to support an organization’s cause.

Why we love it: Facts and figures are all well and good, but storytelling is hands-down the most powerful marketing technique. That’s why we tell a story in every film we produce — because we know it works. All four of NonProfit PRO’s points resonate with us, but we especially love the first one: “Tell the most important story.” This means focusing on the unfinished stories in which donors still play a crucial role; this will convince them that they need to act. We use this technique often at Wander, and can confirm it’s good advice!

Network for Good: 4 Lessons From the Trenches to Prepare for Giving Season

What it is: In July, the Network for Good team were challenged to help five Baltimore nonprofits with fundraising. Naturally, they took the challenge, and with just a few people were able to raise several thousand dollars in a single day. Even more intriguing, however, are the insights the team gained about fundraising best practices. They put together four main points about lessons they learned from the endeavor to help other nonprofits prepare for the “giving season.”

Why we love it: Network for Good’s work proves that great things are possible with enough effort and the right attitude. The fact that the team didn’t stop stop giving when the challenge ended, but that they went on to share their experiences in order to help others, demonstrates the organization’s passion for doing good. One of our favorite points — “Giving is an emotional act” — highlights the importance of organizations establishing an emotional connection with their audiences. We couldn’t agree more.



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