2018 Engage for Good Conference Wrap-Up

I finally have had a few weeks to digest all the goodness that was the Engage for Good Conference, which I attended in Chicago May 23 -24, 2018. For starters, how inspiring to have

the opportunity to be surrounded by over 500 people all trying to make the world a better place, professionally. I can’t imagine gatherings of so many people with such a mutual, positive focus, along with heapings of genuine respect for one another happen all that often.
But the Engage for Good Conference was about more than just feeling good by association. It was about education as well. Tons of seminars and breakout sessions were available to help nonprofits and positively minded for-profits be more efficient and more impactful in their efforts. Multiple speakers and panels were placed in front of us to provide even deeper dives on individual do-gooder campaigns and trends happening within cause marketing.
If you missed the previous article, I was not simply at the Engage for Good Conference as an attendee, but also as a sponsor. I found Wander to be in great company with other sponsors like MMS Eduction and ForMomentum. And I had a chance to network throughout the event and met some great folks from places like Phil & Co., American Airlines and Action for Healthy Kids! And the 2018 Halo Awards, which Wander created all the on screen video material for, proved to be a great success and a big step forward for this great organization and 16 year old conference. Lastly, I was privileged to get a chance to introduce and screen our latest reel at the start of the awards how and share Wander and our work with a whole new group of people. I look forward to collaborating with many of you in the months to come!
And I’m already counting down to the 2019 Engage for Good Conference and Halo Awards. I hope to see you there!