WANDER is an INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE COLLECTIVE that creates visual stories which allow our clients to reach their audience. This work breaks through the mold of traditional nonprofit marketing and taps into the essence of what an organization or brand is truly about. Short, long, traditional broadcast, internet, multi-platform and everything in between; we are your ideal partner.

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Wander with a purpose.

Some people need a map to determine where they’re going.

Others use a compass to find their way.

Some just follow the crowd, so they won’t get lost.

And then there are those with wanderlust…

Not content to simply follow.

A spirited few delighting in self discovery.

Those who know their real risk is in not taking one…

We have much to share as we reach for greatness.

Continue on your journey, my friend.

We will take your hand and help to guide you there…


Toy Story started it all.

Back in 1995, a wide-eyed boy named Aaron Weber watched the animated classic so many times that it may have created new neural pathways in his brain. So vivid and lasting was the film’s impression that when he enrolled in college many years later, he couldn’t concentrate on the core curriculum. It seemed a bit banal and boring. And so after just one year, he left that school – and the promise of a safe, stable career – for something a bit more inspiring. More specifically, the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

It was there, at the world-renowned art school, that Aaron indulged his passion for film. He threw himself into courses for visual effects, animation, motion graphics, compositing, editing, you name it. He shot a few music videos and short films. He couldn’t get enough. And in his free time, he wanted to learn the other side of the business – production – scoring a prestigious internship with the New York State Governor’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development. This experience gave him his first real taste of production as he helped facilitate filming at sites all across NYC. It also brought him into contact with one of his heroes, iconic director David Fincher.

But the thing that would ultimately pave the path to Wander was Aaron’s thesis project, a 5-minute short film. “Wander” tells the magical story of a young boy who discovers his inspiration on his way to school. It was a hit at a handful of

international film festivals, won the Independent Film Channel’s Media Lab Award, and was aired internationally on the IFC. If there was any doubt that he was onto something, it was quickly buried under the critical acclaim. Aaron now had the confidence to pursue his dream in earnest.

In 2005, he moved to Los Angeles and founded his one-stop creative collective. And ever since, Wander has been creating high profile, award-winning campaigns for a variety of clients like OxFam, LinkedIn, The Rainforest Alliance and Apple. Focusing on global storytelling, filming has taken place in Tanzania, India, Uganda and Nicaragua. The funny part about this story, of course, is that it has Pixar’s fingerprints all over it. For if it weren’t for a computer-generated cowboy named Woody, or an animated astronaut named Buzz Lightyear, Aaron might have become an accountant or attorney. Or who-knows-what.



Want to work with us? Fantastic! We want to work with you too! And fortunately for all, we’re extremely easy to work with. We understand this can be an intimidating process. But there’s no need to worry. We believe in the spirit of collaboration and see clients as partners. So whether you have a fully formed concept or just a vague notion in mind, we’d love the chance to discuss how WANDER will set you up for success. Here are the services that we offer:

Creative Development – Coming up with ideas that get noticed and turning ideas into shootable scripts.
Narrative Film – Pre scripted ideas that need to be brought to life with actors.
Documentary Film – Ideas based in the real world utilizing real people in real situations.
International Filming – We have our bags packed and are ready to go to the farthest corners of the globe.
TV Commercials – Traditional :30 / :60 spots for broadcast on television.
Branded Content – A merger of advertising and entertainment to promote your brand or organization.
Motion Graphics – Using 2D or 3D as a standalone or supplemental element to your project.
Additionally Offering:
Content Repurposing – Using footage your organization already has to create something new.
Content Translation – Converting a new or existing project into other languages to reach a wider audience.

Grant Assistance – Partnering with you as your custom content provider in your grant application.

Don’t see exactly what you need? That’s okay.
We would still love to hear about your project so don’t hesitate to reach out.





People tend to give us shiny things for our work. This makes us feel good,
of course, and gives our mothers something to brag about. But more importantly,
it means we’ve done great for do-gooders. It means we’ve moved the needle with their
message, making the world a wee bit better. It’s a win, win, win all around.

2017 Deauville Green Awards – Finalist – Organizations and Social Responsibility
Environmental Working Group – Setting the Bar Low

2017 American Advertising Award – Bronze – Public Service Online Film, Video & Sound: 
Environmental Working Group – Setting the Bar Low

2017 DoGooder Award – Funny for Good: 
Environmental Working Group – Setting the Bar Low

2014 Creativity International Award – Gold – Best Television and Radio Consumer TV: 
American Museum of Natural History – Maria and the Dinosaur

2014 Hermes Creative Award – Platinum – Best Nonprofit Video:
American Museum of Natural History – Maria and the Dinosaur

2014 Telly Award – Silver – Online / Internet Cultural Video:
American Museum of Natural History – Maria and the Dinosaur

2014 Communicator Awards – Award of Excellence:
American Museum of Natural History – Maria and the Dinosaur

2013 Cannes Lion – Bronze Lion – Short Form Internet Film:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 Cannes Lion – Finalist – Film Craft: Direction:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 TED Ads Worth Spreading:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 AICP NEXT Award – Cause Marketing:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 AICP Nominee – Editing and Copywriting:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 Interfilm – Jury Award – Viral Video:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 Webby Nominee – Public Service & Activism:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 DoGooder Award – Best Nonprofit Video:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 EthicMark Award Nominee:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 Communicator Awards – Online Video: Nonprofit:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 People’s Telly Award – Commercial or Mktg Piece:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2013 Telly Award – Silver – Online / Internet Commercial:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2012 Epica Awards – Gold – Public Interest:
Rainforest Alliance – Follow the Frog

2012 Addy Award – Best of Broadcast:
TooJay’s Gourmet Deli – Channel Surfing

2012 Communicator Awards:
TooJay’s Gourmet Deli – Channel Surfing

2010 Telly Award – Silver:
Carl’s Jr. – Phone Call

2010 Telly Award – Silver:
Nikon – Closer Look

2009 Telly Award – Bronze:
Behance – Creativity

2009 Aegis Award:
Nintendo – World of Goo

2008 IFC Media Lab Winner:



We’re so frequently humbled by the extraordinary missions of our selfless clients that we were inspired to create the Wander Giving Back Fund. In short, we’re taking a percentage of every project we do for a nonprofit, and at the end of the year, kick it back to a local cause.

We are proud to be currently supporting our long-time client, ZERO TO THREE. Their mission is to make sure that all babies and toddlers have a strong start in life. We are constantly impressed by the incredibly hard work of all of those involved with this wonderful organization. Learn more at zerotothree.org.

Additionally, we continue to support the Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (T-CEP) – a nonprofit, volunteer organization whose purpose is to help the Topanga community (where Wander is based), prepare for and cope with disasters such as wildfires, floods, & earthquakes. Learn more at t-cep.org.