Wanderer Cryssy Cheung Debuts Art @ NYC Gallery Show

Here is some really cool news from Wanderer, Cryssy Cheung. Just this past month she had a gallery showing of her amazingseries, Sirens of the Sun. This solo exhibition, Cryssy’s first, was held at The Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. The show features a 9-piece digital art series, “Sirens of the Sun,” as well as other selected drawings, sketches, and digital artwork created between 2012-2015.

The series combines art and science to illustrate the beautiful complexities of space. Born from the artist’s deep interest in the cosmos, each piece represents a planet in the Solar System told through portraits of nine sirens. Each siren is a close friends of the artist, whose energy and traits align with the unique color, properties, and mythos of each planet. “Sirens of the Sun” showcases the elegance of the universe by exploring themes of human curiosity: one’s innate desire to wander; creativity, and things that have yet to be discovered. To learn more about Cryssy or see more of her work, click here.

The Greenpoint Gallery is a non-profit gallery founded in 2005 by artist and musician Shawn James. More can be learned about the gallery here.

Congratulations to Cryssy for this amazing show. We are looking forward to the next one!