Wander Helps Non-Profit Environmental Working Group Set the Bar Low

Non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG) has just released an entertaining comedic film made by creative shop Wander to launch their brand new EWG Verified program. The new program, which is the first of its kind, seeks to improve the safety of the personal care products available in the marketplace. The film not only encourages manufacturers to join the program and keep their products free of toxic chemicals, but also informs consumers of the new EWG Verified symbol that they can look for on the personal care products they buy.

Above Image: Bernice Bryndle celebrates her win in the short distance backstroke.

The film, launched alongside the hashtag “#RaiseTheBar”, depicts the fictional historical accomplishments of a number of hilariously low achievers. The ease of their achievements is then compared to the group’s simple request of manufacturers: Please don’t harm us. “We felt very strongly about what EWG was doing, and wanted to help them explain the program in a way that would stick in people’s minds,” said Wander’s Fearless Leader, Aaron Weber. In the end, the viewer is left both laughing and demanding a higher level of accountability in the products they use every day.

Construction taking place on the world’s lowest alpine peak.

Produced by the Wander collective in collaboration with director Laurence Shanet in and around Los Angeles, “Setting the Bar Low” combines original live action footage with visual effects and specially treated archival footage to create a faux historical feel. It depicts such amusing scenarios as a 7-1/2 inch “high” jump, and an expedition to climb the world’s lowest mountain peak. “You have to entertain the audience before you can hit them with your message,” said Shanet. “It’s part of giving the viewer something instead of just asking something from them.”

The project was developed by the award-winning Wander collective after being singled out by EWG for their long track record of success in putting non-profits on the map via unique and creative film content. Receiving nearly 1 million views in just its first 2 weeks, “Setting the Bar Low” marks another success in Wander’s efforts to provide clever solutions to organizations seeking to do good for the world.

EWG: Setting the Bar Low


Wander is a multi-dimensional creative shop that produces award-winning work in a variety of media, including TV and web commercials, short films, design and brand integrated content. More information is available at wanderfilms.com.

About EWG
The Environmental Working Group’s mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.


Client: EWG / Environmental Working Group
Product: EWG Verified
Title: Setting the Bar Low”
Creative Collective: Wander
Executive Producer: Aaron Weber
Creative Directors: Wander + Laurence Shanet
Writer: Laurence Shanet
Production/Post Production: Wander
Executive Producer: Aaron Weber
Director: Wander + Laurence Shanet
DP: Martin Linss
Editor: Hal Honigsberg
Visual Effects: Wander
VFX Supervisor: Eric Reinfeld
Design and Graphics: Cryssy Cheung
Sound Mix: The Ski Team
Voiceover: Jamie Effros


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