How Wander Set the Bar Low to Come Out on Top

Everyone here at Wander has been overjoyed by the response to our recent collaboration with the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Our campaign to support EWG’s new “EWG Verified” program culminated in our film, “Setting the Bar Low,” winning the Funny For Good Award at the DoGooder National Awards, late last month. Fun fact: this was one of TWO awards the film won in March, coming in on top of a win at the American Advertising Awards!

Inside the conference hall at the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference, Washington, D.C., March 23, 2017

We are constantly humbled by the selflessness of our clients in the non-profit and social causes space, so it was a privilege to spend a night celebrating the achievements of our peers in the do-gooder industry. From Hand in Hand’s fundraising campaign to support a network of bilingual schools in Israel to a powerful entry from the Drug Policy Alliance, narrated by Jay-Z, about the war on drugs, we can happily say that the state of video for do-gooders is strong.

For do-gooders, getting attention is not always easy. So we’re thrilled with the attention that we’ve achieved for EWG. Their trailblazing program has introduced the “EWG Verified” mark, which appears on products free of harmful and unknown chemicals, and is improving the quality of personal care products by encouraging manufacturers and informing consumers.

Our film, “Setting the Bar Low,” took a similarly two-pronged approach. We leveraged humor to both entertain and inform, introducing the new campaign in a clever and persuasive manner (if we do say so ourselves). The Funny For Good Award was a fitting prize.

Congrats to the competition

Before the orchestra plays us off, we’d also like to give a shout out to the runners-up in the Funny For Good category: Casita Copan’s “Growing Up Ain’t Easy” sheds light on the plight of children in Honduras forced into child labor. And the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative produced an animated rap video, “The Dumbest Word is Uninsured,” to spur health insurance enrollment. The Lady Parts Justice League parodied Beyoncé’s “Formation” in an exposé about reproductive rights in Louisiana in “inFormation.”

And last, but not least, we’d like to thank our agent

Just kidding. We want to thank YOU for engaging with our content and for caring enough to vote! We’re enormously proud of the content that we produce and the causes we get to champion at Wander, but it doesn’t amount to much without your eyeballs. Any successful campaign needs to incite a reaction from its audience. Although we’re a sucker for shiny plaques and awards, the fact that this is a community-driven award is what means the most to us.

We’d like to sign off with a big thank you to everyone at See3 who helped organize the DoGooder National Awards, and an even BIGGER thank you to all the creatives and visionaries helping to bring attention to non-profits and do-gooders around the world. We help these organizations and causes find a voice in the digital maelstrom of the modern-day world — and those voices are perhaps more needed today than ever.

See you next year, DoGooder Awards!

P.S. A special round of thanks to everyone who worked on this film. It goes without saying, but we wouldn’t be celebrating this award without the hard work and talents of the entire team:

Executive Producer: Aaron Weber
Creative Directors: Wander + Laurence Shanet
Writer: Laurence Shanet
Production/Post Production: Wander
Executive Producer: Aaron Weber
Director: Wander + Laurence Shanet
DP: Martin Linss
Editor: Hal Honigsberg
Visual Effects: Wander
VFX Supervisor: Eric Reinfeld
Design and Graphics: Cryssy Cheung
Sound Mix: The Ski Team
Voiceover: Jamie Effros



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