Do-Gooder Organizations to Donate to this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up fast (it’s this Sunday, kids). Just like last year, make sure you have your card, box of chocolates, and/or bouquet of flowers ready! But this year, maybe also take some time to remember the other mothers around the world. Mothers in war-torn countries and refugee camps. Or mothers who have lost a child to violence. Here at Wander, we’ve had the privilege to team up with various organizations that are doing good for people – and mothers – all over the world. Think about being a do-gooder yourself this Mother’s Day and make a donation on behalf of Mom to:


Mom’s Favorite Charity… Like OxfamOxfam is an international confederation of charitable organizations working together to end the injustice of poverty. How is Oxfam celebrating Mother’s Day? They’re helping promote female entrepreneurs in their fight against poverty. In fact, a Mother’s Day donation of $100 can assist in developing a village savings bank led by local mothers. Wander worked with Oxfam to produce a PSA to demonstrate how development in impoverished villages can truly be a ‘David’ versus Goliath battle. Donations can also help fight inequality and discrimination, as well as assist in finding adequate access to resources like food, water, and land. Furthermore, donations help Oxfam work in disaster areas to develop a workable infrastructure where it’s most needed – or where it never existed.


Mom’s Favorite Museum… Like the American Museum of Natural History!

A trip to the museum is a classic family excursion and anyone who visits New York City remembers their first visit to the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Founded in 1869, the museum provides information about the natural world through its various exhibitions and education. Wander collaborated with AMNH to tell the story of Maria, a young girl whose life was forever changed after a visit to the museum. Maybe AMNH made a lasting impression on Mom during her visit to NYC? Remember: even if you can’t take her to the Big Apple this Mother’s Day, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t appreciate a donation to her favorite museum.


Mom’s Favorite Flower… a Rainforest Alliance Certified Rose!

A rose by any other name is still a rose, so they say. While this is true, the Rainforest Alliance works to make sure that roses, as well as others flowers being used in arrangements this Mother’s Day, meet their rigorous environmental and social standards. In fact, if you caught the Kentucky Derby last weekend, the blanket of roses comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. Wander teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance and Kroger to tell the story of those roses. Not only can you make a donation to the Rainforest Alliance on behalf of Mom, you could also surprise her with a bouquet of Rainforest Alliance certified flowers. Trust us, every eco-friendly Mom will feel special knowing that you went out of your way to ensure that her flowers were responsibly farmed.


The Most Important Donation

Whether it be donating to empowering female entrepreneurs, advancing education for young women, or saving our rainforest, we know Mom would be happy with any (or all!) of the above. Make sure your most important donation is a worthwhile amount of time with her!




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