A Vision of a Peaceful World Wins Wander IFC’s Media Lab Award for Short Films

Most companies only dream about the recognition and confirmation of their creativity and talent being seen by others. Wander, founded and run by Aaron Weber, can watch his award-winning film along with hundreds of thousands of viewers at 10:45 pm EST, Sunday, September 24, 2006 on the IFC, Independent Film Channel, when his short, Wander, airs to a national audience. “As filmmakers we approach design from a uniquely different viewpoint.”

No stranger to awards, Wander, the short, winner of the Ivy Film Festival for best experiential short film, tells the story of a young boy as he navigates the hard and dangerous streets of the inner city. On his journey he discovers a glass jar with a magic light that leads him into a better world, where anger is transformed into love. View the completed film below. The firm, Wander, works in film, design and motion graphics to tell the client’s story in a unique and engaging way.

“Often the world thinks of design as separate piece or a product, like a website. For us design is the integral whole of our client’s message, which emerges not just as the end product but an experience of color, movement and experience,” states Weber, “We listen for the outcome and deliver the highest quality product that is an expression of the business.”

For a short film, Wander, has garnered a lot of attention and has been selected for numerous national and international film festivals including, Chicago, Rhode Island, Atlanta, and most recently, the Australian Film Festival. The film is also available for viewing here.

“As filmmakers we approach design from a uniquely different viewpoint. Step into our world and we will handle the creative and production aspects of our design with the same precision and results we have utilized in our award winning filmmaking,” states Founder Aaron Weber.





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