Eric Reinfeld

motion supervisor

GROWING UP, ERIC REINFELD WASN’T EXACTLY AN ALL-AMERICAN ATHLETE. He didn’t play baseball or soccer or any such stuff. Instead, he’d be bunkered in his bedroom, building electronics kits, painting murals or eavesdropping on his CB. His mind just worked different than most, that’s all. But it wasn’t until he turned 23, when he bought his first Macintosh, that he realized exactly how his mind worked. And so began the journey of a young computer graphics guru.

As a pioneer in the field, Eric is regarded as an expert in broadcast design, compositing, 3-D, motion-tracking, VFX, digital photography and print design. His work has earned the trust of an impressive array of clients, including Time Inc., HBO, Sony, Warner Bros, Blue Note Records, Paramount Communications, Business Week and WebMD. And he’s co-authored the book Real World After Effects and contributed to the book Photoshop 4 & 5 Studio Secrets. Additionally, Eric has been a featured speaker at many conferences throughout the United States and Canada.

As Wanders Motion Supervisor, Eric has worked on projects for clients including LinkedIn, Coexist and Oxfam America.