Cryssy Cheung

Art Director

IT WAS A BLACK CAT. That was the first sign. But it wasn’t a bad sign. Unlike the foreboding felines of folklore, this one – illustrated by a precocious pre-schooler – was full of promise. In fact, the teacher was so impressed by the preternatural attention to detail that she pulled the young girl’s mom aside and shared what we now know: Cryssy Cheung was born an artist! And lucky for us, she’s been homing her talents and toying with mediums ever since.

Cryssy came of age during the early days of digital art, and quickly developed a passion for Illustrator and Photoshop. In high school, her vision and aptitude in Adobe CS paid off when she was awarded the prestigious Scholastic Art Award… in the newly minted category, Digital Arts. She followed her bliss to the School of Visual Arts, where she refined her skills, creating vivid dreamscapes populated by evocative characters with curious motives. While these ethereal worlds are her passion, Cryssy has carved a name for herself as an award-winning motion designer and illustrator for clients like Ford, Nike, NBA, LinkedIn and more. It’s her versatility and willingness to tackle any design challenge that makes her such a natural fit for us. It doesn’t hurt that she’s one of the nicest people in New York.